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This page contains biographical information regarding my work in the Healing Arts realm. (Although Playwriting, Performing Arts and Movement can be quite healing as well, you’ll find separate background information for those pursuits in their respective sections of this website.)

Below, I’ve included three versions of my Healing Arts Bio. The first, comprehensive version is an “umbrella bio” for all the various healing arts-related things I do.  The second is focused on my more recent work in the pioneering field of Sound Healing.  The third is geared more toward my CDs and related aspects of my work.  

As with this entire website (and life in general,) there are no clear-cut divisions.  One area informs and influences another. This is my best attempt to delineate the inseparable.

More information follows these three bios, should you want or need it!


NANCY HOPPS is an internationally recognized author, speaker, recording artist, performing artist, and sound healer. She is author of the award-winning Relax Into Healing™  series of spoken-word audio recordings.

Nancy currently has 14 titles on the market. Her Relax Into Healing™ series  – on topics including cancer, surgery, pain, restorative sleep, mindfulness meditation, deep relaxation and healing affirmations – have earned praise from leaders in the field and continue to profoundly benefit thousands of listeners worldwide, in home, hospital and other healing settings.

One of Nancy’s current passions lies in incorporating the power of sound healing (along with an array of other healing modalities) into her private client work and her unique public performances.

Her latest recordings, Sweet Sonic Alchemy and Seeds of Peace, feature her more than twenty alchemical crystal singing bowls. (Seeds of Peace also includes bamboo nose flute and guided meditation.)

Nancy’s popular bowls performance events provide an opportunity to synergistically employ the power of sound and intention to activate transformation and healing on a personal and planetary level. Her inspired guided meditations and toning, combined with the tones, overtones and frequencies of her alchemical crystal singing bowls create a truly transcendent experience.

A licensed massage therapist (LMT), Nancy also teaches CoreYoga+ and EDGU – a powerful moving meditation sequence akin to yoga/tai chi/chi gong. (Her EDGU DVD, is available on her website, along with her audio recordings.)

Nancy maintains a limited private practice in mind/body/spirit healing. She intuitively draws from an extensive background in various healing modalities, including sound healing and other forms of energy healing, therapeutic massage, mindfulness-based meditation, compassionate listening, interactive guided imagery, affirmation, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, etc. (Happily, much of the work Nancy does tends to defy labels.)

Her work with private clients over the last four decades has included a wide range of body/mind issues, from stress management, performance anxiety and relationship issues to bipolar disorder, anorexia, RSD, chronic pain, cancer, and clinical depression, as well as spiritual mentoring and life transitions counseling.

Of the many healing modalities she integrates into her life and work, Nancy wholeheartedly believes and demonstrates that “the greatest of these is Love.”

(For more information regarding Nancy’s work with private clients, please see Services.)


_DSC0090-BOWLS-SPARKk-just blue&armNANCY HOPPS is an internationally recognized healing artist, recording and performing artist and sound healer. Her award-winning Relax Into Healing™ recordings and presentations have profoundly benefited thousands of listeners worldwide. As a sound healer, Nancy’s inspired guided meditations and toning, combined with the frequencies of her more than twenty Alchemical Crystal Singing Bowls, create a truly transcendent experience, facilitating healing on personal and planetary levels. Of the many healing modalities she integrates into her life and work, Nancy whole-heartedly believes and demonstrates that “the greatest of these is Love.”


NAUTILUS-SILVER-littleNewsletterweb2NANCY HOPPS is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and performer. Her Relax Into Healing™  CDs have profoundly benefited thousands of listeners worldwide, in home, hospital and other healing settings.  The merits of these award-winning CDs have been acknowledged in a variety of publications, from Reader’s Digest to Yoga Journal, and earned praise from leaders in the field of mind/body/spirit healing, including Dr. Bernie Siegel, Jack Canfield and Dr. Joan Borysenko.

Nancy’s warm, accessible presentational style and well-honed skills have touched the lives of thousands of students, private clients, workshop participants and CD listeners. Nancy brings a wealth of personal, as well as professional, healing experience to her heartfelt presentations and acclaimed recordings.


Nancy has studied, developed, and honed a variety of relaxation and healing methods that are simple, yet powerful, and applicable to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience.

Deep relaxation is the common foundation of Nancy’s extensive healing work. It is in this state of deep relaxation, when the body is stilled, the emotions soothed, the mind quieted, that one experiences the center of peace within… and it is in this place of quiet stillness, this essence of the being, that optimal healing occurs.

EPSON MFP imageNancy has taught through the University of Oregon and Lane Community College, and was a founding staff member at Concordia Health Resources, a mind/body healing center providing adjunctive health care for physician-referred patients.

She developed and recorded the relaxation segments for “Living With Breast Cancer” program funded by the National Cancer Institute, the “Coping With Depression” and “mPower Wellness Workshop” on-line programs funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, and the National YMCA “Livestrong” program, designed to help cancer survivors thrive.

Nancy was also instrumental in the development and onsite implementation of the stress-management elements of several grant projects, including an acclaimed program by the National Institute of Health/Oregon Research Institute, which studied the effects of lifestyle changes on post-menopausal women with Type II diabetes.

Nancy has presented for a variety of companies and organizations, including: Sacred Heart/Peace Health, McKenzie-Willamette, and Westlane Hospitals, Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Oregon Bar Association, Oregon Psychological Association, Oregon Pain Society, Globe Sound Healing Institute, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Postal Service, Oregon Research Institute, Oregon Medical Technicians Conference, Oregon Elementary Principals Conference,  University of Oregon, Lane Community College, Society of Technical Communications, Parents Without Partners, Whole Life Expo, World Wellness Weekend, Health & Well-Being Group, and many other corporate, civic, and educational organizations.


Proud Mama  In many ways, this information belongs at the very top of the “About Nancy” page.  I cannot possibly tell you about the things that define and inform my being, without mention of my wonderful family, whose love sustains and supports me in so many ways…  More…

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All of Nancy’s products and services come with a money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with what you receive, your investment will be refunded. Also, if a product or service would be of value to you, but you are not financially able to cover the entire amount, some assistance may be available. Please do not hesitate to ask. You will be asked to commit to “Paying it forward” in some way, to someone, when you are able.


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