Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet…with Sound

Quantum physics has proven that everything in the physical universe is simply energy vibrating at different rates. Everything — a rock, our food, our internal organs — has its own unique vibration, its own “resonant frequency.”

Sound healing is based on the idea that disease is a result of those natural resonances getting out of tune due to stress, environmental factors, and other imbalances. Think of an orchestra: If the violin’s out of tune, it throws everyone off, right?

Well, the same principle applies to our bodies…and our planet. What if planetary healing really does begin within each of us?

Many, including myself, believe it does.

Over 35 years ago, I began my professional career in the exciting field of mind-body medicine, and I was fortunate to ride the crest of the wave that helped bring the concepts of this “new” holistic healing modality more into mainstream awareness. My widely used, award-winning Relax Into Healing CDs are culminations of that body of work.

Now, in this season of my life, I feel a similar sort of excitement and gratitude regarding my work in the “ancient art and emerging science” of sound healing. Already showing signs of becoming the next big wave in integrative medicine, I’m confident that within my lifetime sound healing will become much more of a household word, just as mind-body medicine has over these past decades. I feel deeply fortunate that I get to surf another big one.


Simply put, sound is transmitted vibrations. Vibrations transmitted with frequencies in the range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz (Hz) are generally within the realm of human hearing.

Sound healing can be as simple as letting out a natural, relaxing “Ahhhh…” as you sigh out a deep breath. It could be listening to Mozart. It might be vocal toning. Or hand-drumming.

Whether humming, drumming, toning or simply listening, sounds and vibrations can greatly assist us in “retuning the orchestra” of our body-mind-spirit continuum. It can help lower blood pressure, relieve pain, induce restful sleep, and much more.


In addition to vocal toning, one of the primary sound healing modalities I use is crystal singing bowls. The bowls I use are made of 99.992% pure (!) quartz crystal, making them incredibly resonant and pure in tone. These tones (and overtones) are not only heard by the ear, but are also deeply felt in the body, profoundly affecting your entire vibrational being.

In addition to the pure quartz crystal and the gemstones and precious metals (including 24 karat gold, ruby, platinum, diamond, citrine, rose quartz and more) infused in the several dozen bowls with which I work, the most powerful element (in any kind of healing work!) is INTENTION. And the most powerful intention, always, is LOVE.

The bowls’ very high vibratory frequencies sometimes “stir things up” as a necessary part of the clearing process. More often, though, they immediately induce a deep “theta wave” state of relaxation, which allows for powerful transcendent experiences and rapid vibrational rebalancing. Often, the bowls elegantly facilitate profound spiritual awakenings and healing on various levels of being.

We are re-discovering that sound is an extraordinarily powerful force that can literally change molecular structure and affect us down to our DNA. The power of our individual intention, magnified by sound — especially when focused through group prayers or meditation — is vast. Studies have shown decrease in violent activities correlating with focused group intention.

This may make total sense to you — you may fully “resonate” with this idea. Or it may seem a bit far-fetched or “woo-woo” to you.

If the latter is the case, I always like to suggest you play the “What if…” game. “What if this might possibly be true?”

If you knew that using your heartfelt intention and/or prayer —spoken or, even more powerfully, intoned — you could play a part in restoring balance to our beautiful Mother Earth, would you be willing to try it? To spend even a few minutes sending her loving thoughts, holding an image in your heart and mind of her ecosystems rebalanced and all her inhabitants living in peace and harmony? (Find a guided meditation to this purpose on my Seeds of Peace Crystal Singing Bowls CD.)


As I’ve performed and worked with clients around the world, I’ve been asked with increasing regularity to record the bowls. I wondered how well the bowls’ healing frequencies would transfer into recorded format. As it turns out, the answer seems to be: very well!

I had an interesting experience a few months ago. While on vacation, I walked into a holistic healing center in British Columbia and immediately felt calm and clear. I listened for a moment to the sounds of a crystal singing bowls recording that was playing in the background before I realized…it was mine! I was listening to my own Seeds of Peace CD! I think it was the Universe’s way of letting me know I’m on the right track!


Whether live or recorded, sound healing can be a powerful agent of change on a personal and planetary level. For as we heal ourselves, we heal the planet.

My most recent crystal bowls CD, Sweet Sonic Alchemy, was designed to provide soothing, transcendent ambience for yoga, meditation, and massage — to create a sonic tapestry of deep relaxation and tranquility in your professional or home environment.

A client sums up his recent sound healing experience thusly:

“The exquisite singing of the bowls…coupled with loving intention…carried me to a new level of Self that words cannot describe. It can only be felt, and only if judgment remains outside, with your shoes.”

Bottom line: We must BE the change we seek. Sound can powerfully facilitate that state of Being. The time to apply all this is now. This is powerful stuff, and each one of us is needed.

In sonic Oneness,


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