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Combining her background in healing arts and performing arts, Nancy is a popular workshop presenter and keynote speaker. She is known for creating a relaxed, dynamic atmosphere, while presenting information and experiences that are inspirational, pragmatic, healing… and fun!

Here’s where my combined background can really come into play, indeed! I love being creative, and working with you to provide services that augment your event’s content with exactly what your group needs.

For example, please see the descriptions and testimonials below about two very different kinds of events: One, a couple hundred psychologists in a hotel ballroom whose focus was dealing with suicide patients; the other, a handful of pretty laid-back folks at a Louise Hay-oriented “You Can Heal Your Life” retreat, held in a lovely private home right near the beach on Maui!  Both were great fun, and great successes.

To give you an idea of the sorts of things I might offer….

For the Oregon Psych group, which was dealing with some pretty “heavy” material, I infused their day with Rumi and Hafiz poetry, deeply relaxing guided imagery breaks, little inspirational anecdotes, a handful of jokes, and, perhaps the most-remembered element, I rounded out the late afternoon with my best Patsy Cline imitation, complete with cowboy hat and boots, and crooned a custom- written rendition of “Crazy.”    All in a day’s work!     (See why I have a hard time putting what I do on a standard resume?)

Here are a few photos from that event, and comments from Edward Versteeg, Psy.D. Chair – the one laughing in the photo!


“I want to thank you again for your contributions to the Oregon Psychological Association’s workshop, “Signs Along the Way: Identifying and Dealing With Clinical Nightmares” …As you know, we were addressing the most serious of situations for mental health practitioners, and it was the interspersion of your talents throughout the day that made the day more than just palatable, but actually enjoyable. Participants left on a very positive note thanks to you.

I have received dozens of compliments directly relating to your presentations and performances. I applaud your versatility in being so adaptive in meeting our goals for the workshop. I found your presentations inspirational. You were captivating. I am impressed with your ability to capture what we were dreaming of and bring it to life. Thank-you again.”

—Edward B. Versteeg, Psy.D. Chair, Psychologist Support Committee Oregon Psychological Association

For the “Heal Your Life” retreat on Maui, with tropical birds lending their morning song accompaniment, I led morning EDGU and gentle yoga sessions, along with guided meditation and inspiration for the day. Then I would return and, customizing the content to their day’s activities, lead an early evening closing meditation and crystal singing bowls session….and whatever else “came through” in the moment! 

Below are photos and comments from that retreat, as well as from a LomiLomi retreat on Kauai, for which I also played my bowls and led yoga and EDGU.


“Nancy was such an asset to our retreat! She was the “get the energy going in the morning gal”, and had everyone doing yoga and stretching, centering and preparing for the day to come. In the evening she returned to lead a guided meditation circle, and play her beautiful crystal bowls. The retreat was a big success, and the energy Nancy Hopps contributed to it made it so! (Thank you Nancy!!)”

—Rhonda J Felix, Souls Space Maui Renewal Center, Maui, Hawaii

If you’d like to explore possibilities for your next event, I’d love to talk with you.  Please contact me.

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