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Combining her background in healing arts and performing arts, Nancy is a popular interactive workshop presenter. She is known for creating a relaxed, dynamic atmosphere, while presenting information and experiences that are inspirational, pragmatic, healing… and fun!

For a complete list of sample presentation topics, please see Talks/Keynotes -more.

These are the sample topics that most lend themselves to a workshop format:

  • Self-Renewal Saturday (or Sunday, or weekend, or….) Relax/Renew/Recharge!
  • Relax Into Healing: Cultivating Radiant Wellness of Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Embracing Change: Finding Center in the Midst of Uncertainty
  • Sound Healing: Ancient Art and Emerging Science
  • And the Greatest of These is Love: Powerful Inner Healing Methods for the BodyMindSpirit Continuum 
  • If Not Now, When? Being Who You Really Are, and Doing What You’re Here to Do!
  • Stress-Reduction Tools For Lawyers (or Teachers or Bus Drivers or…)
  • I’m Too Busy to Relax! ” Simple Ways to “Unwind” (when you know you need to, but you just plain can’t!)
  • Care For The Caregiver A Renew and Recharge Break So You Can Keep On Keeping On.
  • Point of Choice: Simple, Powerful Ways to Consciously Choose the Life You Really Want.
  • Your Divine “Through-Line”: Aligning Your Goals, Intentions and Inner Values
  • Who Do You Think You Are? Reconnecting with the Joyful Essence of Who You Really Are.
  • Lightning Bolts & Illuminations: Thinking Outside the Box for Optimal Health, Happiness and Fun!
  • All The World’s a Stage: Creating the Role You Want to Play in Life!
  • Creative Play Day: A Deceptively Productive Endeavor, Guaranteed to Shake Loose the Dust of Over-Adulthood.

These are just samples of possible offerings.  I really enjoy working with you to create exactly what your group needs. In addition to some of the more “serious” topics I address, I also love to facilitate “getting outside the box” and having fun! There’s great healing power in laughter and letting loose sometimes. Below is a photo of a custom workshop I put together for a group of professional women who wanted to “cut loose”, play and recharge their overworked batteries.

And cut loose they did!

And cut loose they did!

It’s not often that we women let go of all commitments and planning and just play for the day. But that’s exactly what this we did. What fun we had! Using a variety of tools, Nancy guided us through various exercises which stimulated different parts of our bodies and brains – meditation, drawing, movement, games… She was a superb facilitator. I have fond memories of that day, including delicious chili! We are lucky to have such a talented person in our community.

—Lana Lindstrom

Are you ready to…

Shake it up a bit?
Relax and recharge?
Clarify your Life Path?
Integrate sound healing into your life or practice?
Ground and open during these rapidly changing times?

To brainstorm what workshop content might work best for your group, please contact me!


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