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As I said, for now, I offer you a few selections from my many years’ worth of archived poems for all occasions.  I often joke that I grew up reading too much Dr. Seuss, and sometimes I can’t help myself from rhyming all the timing!    [NOTE: I occasionally hire out my services to create rhymes for others’ special occasions – solemn or silly, you give me the key points, I’ll take it from there.  Contact me if interested.]   Oh boy!! Enjoy! 


My little girl – a bride?!! Oh my…
How quickly do the years fly by!
Can Spud and Pedro really be
Becoming One beneath our tree(s)?
In two short weeks! Methinks it’s true.
So ends this poem – I’ve much to do!!!


(An Ode to [a German-speaking] Grandma on Her Birthday)

How can it be this time again?
Another year gone by!
So many blessings fill our lives,
It makes the time just fly!

The little ones keep multiplyin’,
(How many are there now?)
I think that there’s no use in tryin’
To count ‘em all! But how

Do you find the energy
To be an Oma who
Seems tireless in all you give,
The many things you do?!

From babysitting – here or there –
To washing yet more dishes!
You cook, you clean, you entertain,
Fulfilling others’ wishes.

You single-handedly arranged
A huge fund-raising drive!
You made cold calls, you gave your all,
And somehow you survived.

You helped corral the little ones
To free up mom and dad,
Creatively you improvised –
Oh boy, I wish I had

A photo of that precious time
When, crawling on all fours,
You chased Rochelle across the bench –
(The fun was mostly yours!)

Yes, heads did turn, but did you care?
My guess is, not a whit!
When Oma plays with her grandkids,
She doesn’t give a @#^!

What anybody else might think,
Her eye is single focused.
She’ll do her role as Oma proud,
Come hell…high water….locusts!

So look out world! This „Oma“ ist
Ein bischen verrückt, ja wohl!
Aber in ihr Hertz, Sie werden finden
Nichts aber reinsten Gold.

Also – hast du, meine Liebe Freundin,
Ein froh und schönes Tag.
Mein Wunsch für dich? Was anders, aber
“Ein glückliches Geburtstag!”

FOR MY HUSBAND: (a portion of…)


My love, the time has come for me
To share a Truth I know with thee.
But Truth is not so easily found –
Sometimes, we must look around
To find the wealth that lies within.
So are you ready? Let’s begin!

First clue, my dear, is simply this:
Please close your eyes and give a kiss.
And let the love that we two share
Transport you fully, if you dare….

Imagine, now, my dearest love,
A brilliant Light shines from above.
And in this Light, imagine me
Standing there, most radiantly.
My Higher Self has come here to
Reveal a hidden Truth to you.
A Truth I’ve known now for some time,
But not until this special rhyme
Was I quite ready yet to share,
For somehow, I just didn’t dare.

Yet now I feel I can, my dear,
Reveal this Truth, releasing fear.
I stand here now, in my full power –
Divine Light, in its radiant shower,
Replacing any fears with Love,
I ask you, too, to rise above,
And join me in this Higher Plane –
It’s here we’ve everything to gain.

So, please, my love, now understand,
And gently, eyes closed, take my hand….


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