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Relax Into Healing™:
Surgery – Mindful Mending

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Once again, Nancy Hopps has taken a difficult life experience, and offered compassionate guidance that makes the journey seem less frightening and the outcome one of positive expectancy. The deep relaxation, healing guided imagery and healing affirmations on this award-winning 72-minute recording make preparing for and recovering from surgery much easier.


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Preparing for Surgery?

Surgery – Mindful Mending
…eases fears, speeds recovery.

Once again, Nancy Hopps has taken a difficult life experience, and offered compassionate guidance that makes the journey seem less frightening and the outcome one of positive expectancy. The deep relaxation, healing guided imagery and healing affirmations on this award-winning 72-minute recording make preparing for and recovering from surgery much easier.

The processes are expertly designed to create the most optimal healing environment, internally and externally. Before surgery, Nancy helps you ease pre-op surgery anxiety, and imagine the surgery going smoothly and successfully. After surgery, powerful visualization and positive affirmation processes help with post operative pain management, and facilitate full post-op recovery and radiant health.

Proven to improve physiological functions during and after surgery and speed recovery times, these simple techniques, presented with genuine warmth and caring, are not only soothing, but scientifically sound. Includes an informative 16-page booklet.

Presented with such warmth and caring, it’s as if Nancy’s right there beside you, holding your hand through the tough spots.

By approaching your surgery and recovery period with full trust, you can learn to let Love be the most active, potent force in your self-healing process, enhancing overall mind body spirit healing. The power of guided healing visualization and positive healing affirmations, combined for holistic mind body healing, cannot be overstated. 

This award-winning CD & booklet are ideal for preparing for surgery, as well as for healing surgery and for other post-op care. As thousands of listeners have experienced, Nancy Hopps’ compassionate wisdom, skillful suggestions and “amazingly soothing voice” can greatly assist you to Relax Into Healing™.

Whether breast, hysterectomy, cancer, hernia, knee or hip replacement, prostate, back, abdominal, carpal tunnel, cataract, plastic, laser or any other kind of major or minor surgery, this guided imagery CD, with its positive affirmations and compassionate wisdom is a perfect adjunctive or complementary therapy treatment for any surgical procedure.

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 Track List:
 1.  Foreword – Jan Stafl, M.D.
 2.  Introduction  8:13
   Before/During Surgery:  
 3.  Deep Relaxation/Guided Imagery  23:01
 4.  Affirmations  7:44
 5.  Solo Harp  4:05
   After Surgery:  
 6.  Deep Relaxation/Guided Imagery  15:46
 7.  Affirmations  7:01
 8.  Solo Harp  4:10


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4 reviews for Relax Into Healing™:
Surgery – Mindful Mending

  1. 5 out of 5


    Ask anyone who knows me to describe me and the word Zen would never be used. However, Zen is what I became prior to my surgery thanks to Nancy and her beautiful Surgery: Mindful Mending CD. I am not one to meditate but was given the gift of her cd a week before my hysterectomy. I didn’t know what a wonderful and needed gift it was going to turn out to be. I listened to it daily in preparation and had it playing on my iPod during pre-op. The anesthesiologist came by right before my surgery to see if I needed a sedative. My blood pressure was 100/70 and even if I tried, I could not produce any anxiety. I had my visualization in place, so much so that when I was laying on the table and they injected the goofy juice into my IV, the surgical lights looked identical to the blue ocean water I had been visualizing all week. The days following surgery I listened to the second portion of the cd to help me through moments when I was worried about my healing body. Nancy’s soothing voice and guidance helped me to calm my mind and reminded me to allow room for the healing process to do the work necessary to a full recovery.

    Now, ask anyone who knows Nancy to describe her and they will say she has a lovely presence and a beautiful voice. It is very true and it comes through on her CD’s. I am lucky enough to work with Nancy and to have been gifted her cd. I will be forever grateful. —Colleen Glick, Billing Coordinator & Fitness Instructor, EUGENE FAMILY YMCA, Eugene, OR

  2. 5 out of 5


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  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I purchased your Mindful Mending Surgery CD back in May, 2017 and listened to it every day before my surgery and then for a month after surgery. My surgeon was even totally okay with me bringing it into the OR. That was in June, 2017. I still listen to your 12 minute guided relaxation CD every single night before bed. I have shared your work with my surgery support group members and we have listened together during group. Your voice is beautiful and so soothing and truly helped me through a difficult and painful time . Thank you so very much.

    • :

      It warms my heart to hear that my CD has had such positive benefits for you, “F.B.”
      Reviews like yours can also help others see how, with a little loving guidance, they can be a powerful ally in their own healing process. As you’ve experienced, these simple techniques can literally make a world of difference! So thank you for potentially easing someone else’s anxiety and/or pain, and assisting their healing process, as well.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I cannot tell you the immeasurable benefit I already have from this meditation. I was diagnosed with breast cancer – totally out of the blue – and of course, my world has shifted seismically. In the past, I had used Peggy Huddleston’s pre-surgery recording before a procedure, and I happened to order your CD, sort of by accident, (sorry) but when I finally opened the package and gave it a try, I found it to be infinitely better for me. I’ve meditated with your pre-surgery CD twice daily since Saturday. I feel so good, sometimes I forget I’m having the procedure on Friday! Mentally, emotionally, physically – I’m just calmer and welcoming and grateful and totally at ease. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen “To Sir, With Love” but I feel like those kids who didn’t know how to thank their teacher. I honestly don’t know how to thank you using presently available language.

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