Can Sound Really Heal The Planet?

I’ve been studying and practicing the fascinating art and science of sound healing for many years now. Tom Kenyon and Jonathan Goldman are two of the leading pioneers in sound healing, and I’m fortunate to have studied with both of them.

song-of-the-new-earthTom’s recent documentary, Song of the New Earth, is an exquisite journey into the realm of sound healing, and gives some insight into the background of this extraordinary individual. It’s quite inspiring — and a bit mind-blowing!

Jonathan Goldman is the initiator of one of the largest organized global events, now in its fourteenth year, designed to utilize the power of sound to heal the planet. He dubbed it World Sound Healing Day, which appropriately annually falls on February 14, a day traditionally devoted to love.

I’ve been presenting sound healing events in conjunction with this global event for over a decade. Here’s why this sort of thing is so powerful:

Quantum physicists are now proving what the ancient mystics knew: That everything — everything — is vibration.

Jonathan explains it like this:

“Our quantum physicists are echoing the words of the mystic masters of old, declaring that: ‘The universe is Music’ or ‘Everything is vibration.’ Sound, we are re-discovering, is an extraordinarily powerful force that can literally change molecular structure and affect us down to our DNA. Sound can also affect our consciousness, shifting and changing our brainwaves, bringing us into attunement with something greater than ourselves and often times, altering and enhancing our state of being.”

Jonathan goes on to explain how the power of our individual consciousness — when focused through group prayers or meditation — is vast. He talks about studies published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution that indicate such group activities can actually influence conditions within local areas and, potentially, our planet. For example, when skilled practitioners of meditation participate in a group meditation with focused peace-making intention, violent and hostile activities have decreased. War-torn cities, for example, will for seemingly unknown reasons have limited timeframes of peace following such meditations in these cities.

IMG_0472-NZ-Festival-Bowls-FullProneRoomJonathan identifies two groups studying the power of group prayers and meditations — particularly those that are occurring on a global scale: the Global Consciousness Project (GCP; Princeton, New Jersey) and the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI; Boulder Creek, California).

GCP discovered an interesting phenomenon: When events of high compassion occur, the numbers generated by random number generators spread throughout the world become less random. The numbers can in fact be charted and graphed. Thus, what should be a relatively straight line (due to randomness) becomes a mountainous peak during measurement of global prayers and meditation.

GCI focuses on the interrelationship of coherent electromagnetic fields of humans (due to a shared focused intention magnified by toning) and the geomagnetic field of our planet. The results seem to indicate an undeniable correlation and ability to influence the global energy field.

The preceding explanation is a brief, fairly simplistic account of one application of this “ancient art and emerging science” of sound healing. It may make total sense to you — you may fully “resonate” with this idea. Or it may seem a bit far-fetched or “woo-woo” to you!

If the latter is the case, I always like to suggest you play the “What if…” game. “What if this might possibly be at all true?”

If you knew that using your heartfelt intention and/or prayer — either spoken or, even more powerfully, intoned — you could play a part in restoring balance to our beautiful Mother Earth, would you be willing to try it? To spend even a few minutes sending her loving thoughts, holding an image in your heart and mind of her waters purified, soils restored, air clean… her ecosystems rebalanced and all her inhabitants living in peace and harmony? (Find a guided meditation to this purpose here: Seeds of Peace Crystal Singing Bowls CD.)

IMG_0609-NZ-Mana-TempleMeditation-NwithBowls,FluteI can pretty much guarantee, if you choose to take a few moments on this designated Earth Day, or any other day, to sit quietly and bring these images to mind and then speak or “tone” these intentions as a form of grateful prayer (“toning” is simply a sustained hum or an “ah,” “ooh” or whatever vowel sound feels comfortable), you will at the very least feel the personal benefits of having done so.

For as you focus on healing the planet, you will also be healing yourself, inviting the many benefits of deep relaxation and meditation, such as lower blood pressure, lower heart and respiration rate, emotional equilibrium, and a deep sense of peace, to name but a few.

Simply put, as you heal the planet, you heal yourself. As you heal yourself, you heal the planet. We’re all in this together.

Happy Earth Day.
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