Can you talk about some of the healing work you’ve done with Nancy?

We started with bodywork and… it’s kind of opened some things up and I began to really understand that what was happening here was beyond simple body work, and that I carry within my body a lot of my past [abuse] experience. And that, working with Nancy had really started to open that up in a way that it hadn’t been before. I had been aware of things, and I had been aware of my body as an athlete, as a martial artist, before, but not in a deeper…psychological type of way…before I had come to talk to Nancy about it…..

Is there anything specific you’ve done with Nancy that’s really been impactful?

The bodywork was really powerful in the beginning.  And then, she has a technique where she uses sound – these wonderful crystal bowls that make these…different resonant sounds that really help to bring some of that [blocked energy stored in the body] to the surface. And then…she melded that together with the bodywork, and created a really powerful experience for me.

Are you still using any of the things you learned with Nancy in your own healing?

Yes, I have come to have this sacred space alone, by myself, that I can create thirty minutes or 40 minutes of time for myself, where… I don’t know what I owe to anybody or anybody else owes to me… it’s a….. a space for Being. And creating that space for Being allows all kinds of different communication to happen, different ways of perceiving, different ways of looking at my life…

Anything else you’d like to say about Nancy’s work?

Absolutely… you know, it’s somewhat taboo in this culture…in [some forms of clinical therapeutic] healing arts, to really, truly talk about Love. And, I got the sense immediately with our “check-ins” and with our time together doing our healing work, that… Nancy accepts the energy that comes to her and makes contact with that, in such a loving way that it begins to draw out anything that might happen to be incongruent with Love. …That has basically been my experience: that Nancy has a very unique capacity for real Love. I mean, as taboo as that is to talk about in the healing profession, it is what makes the difference, and has made the difference for me.

JasonPhD, Clinical Psychology (abuse survivor)