How were you first introduced to Nancy’s work?

I was diagnosed with [liver] cancer almost two years ago. I had surgery about six weeks after I was diagnosed…Some friends brought me [Nancy’s] CD…to prepare for and heal during [and after] surgery….Then once I started healing from the surgery, I had some friends who collected a fund for me to come and work with [Nancy]…It was an unbelievable gift….and so I started coming to work with her…
How has your life been impacted by your work with Nancy?
It’s going to choke me up…just thinking about that.. In huge ways, actually. Nancy…. I feel a deep connection with her, a deep heart connection. I feel like her experience with cancer has helped me feel like someone gets what I’m going through… She’s given me hope, at a time when I didn’t feel like there was hope…When I’m with Nancy, I get to…have all my feelings – I grieve…I get to be scared, and I get to feel hopeful, and grateful… She’s helped me to embrace this whole experience, this whole journey.

Is there a particular technique you’ve found especially valuable?

Well, visualization has been huge for me, and I practice it on my own…..I knew about visualization before my work with Nancy, but I think…having a master teacher work with [me] individually…has just brought it to a new level for me. When I do yoga practice or meditation, I incorporate the visualization that I learned with Nancy and it’s deeper than anything I’ve ever done before…And then when I work with her, she does body work with me, and we do visualization… and she also does some sound healing. I have tumors in my liver and…I think it’s all really powerful.

Anything else you want to add?

Umm…There have been many gifts I’ve gotten on this journey (of having cancer) that I never…. You know, it’s your worst fear, when you find out you have cancer…There have been many, many gifts that I have gotten, and I’m still getting. And Nancy’s one of the biggest ones.

BonniePsychologist (liver cancer)