Linda Hof

I first started working with Nancy in 2003. I had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder several years previously, and I was having a hell of a time figuring out how to go forward. Nancy was amazingly helpful, supportive, and incredibly patient during this period of our association. When we terminated the therapeutic relationship at an appropriate point, we parted on loving terms.

I called Nancy again in 2010, after a terrifying PTSD flashback of a violent suicide attempt two years previously. I’ve joked that I went to her for “spiritual urgent care,” which is very true, but I stayed on because I felt Nancy had offered a glimpse into a much happier and fulfilling life.

I tried to explain to my psychiatrist some of the different healing modalities Nancy uses. It wasn’t easy. With Nancy’s help, I came up with: “a combination of mindfulness practices, hypnotherapy, interactive guided imagery, NLP, energy psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, bodywork, intuition and Love.”

Another therapeutic technique Nancy now often uses is sound healing, including crystal singing bowls. I have been lucky enough to hear Nancy play the bowls many times. Their tones are beautiful and I love to lie with my eyes closed and follow one tone’s oscillations into the far distance.

However, Nancy uses the bowls as tools for powerful healing. I recently was dealing with debilitating back pain, and after a bowls “treatment” during which I was in a deeply relaxed state, the pain diminished to nearly nothing. I think Nancy was surprised when I just hopped onto the massage table the next time I saw her. (On top off all this, Nancy is a gifted licensed massage therapist.) Nancy coaxes beautiful music from the crystal bowls, but her healing work with them is magic.

I remember saying to Nancy a couple of years ago, “When I tried to commit suicide I found out just how bad life could be.” Working with her now, I’m very hopeful that I’ll continue learning just how good life can get.” And that truly is magic.

Linda Hof