How did you come to use Nancy’s CDs?

I first heard about her CDs from a doctor, after I had had surgery…Then, I went to a [Cancer] support group… It was a group that I wasn’t “clicking with.” It wasn’t a spiritual, mind-body healing … anything like that. And I so wanted that! And then [Nancy] came in… and I just knew she was there for me!

What, specifically, from her CDs has been most valuable for you?

I think that you can take any negative anything, and turn it around and make it positive. I remember going through chemo, and sitting in the chair and instead of thinking I had poison flowing through my veins, [imagining] I had a light flowing through my bloodstream and it was seeking out the cancer and getting rid of it. And that was a much better way to sit for a few hours…It wasn’t scary when I thought of it that way.

And I also had a friend [of a friend] who was petrified… It was someone who was having a hard time with chemo, and somebody told me about her, so I sent her the [Chemotherapy] CD, and the rest of her chemo treatments were fabulous! And the nurse wanted to know what she was doing, because she was horrible after the first one, and for the rest of her time her treatment went great!  I got to meet her, and have one of those really good hugs… So it’s being passed all around and it’s great: she’s helped a friend now. And that’s just how it works…

Anything else you’d like to say about Nancy or her work?

Hmmm……I feel very blessed to have had her come into my life, I think she’s a very special person, and I think she’s on a path to help a lot of people…and I – I’m just lucky to have met her.

LoreleiElementary School Teacher (breast cancer)