Gylian Solay, MS

Meeting Nancy Hopps for the first time was like seeing an old friend and soul sister.  Her peaceful joy shines with her warm, welcoming smile.  Never having heard Alchemical Crystal Healing Bowls before, I was curious about this new experience.

Nancy’s resonance with their sounds and tone is evident, from her spoken introduction to the first sound of the bowls’ tones.  She blends her vocal sound with them and sometimes I would open my eyes to see if she was toning or was it the bowls?

Expecting to be soothed into a peaceful place, I experienced just the opposite.  I found myself agitated and annoyed by the intermittent disharmonic sounds and tones.  Every now and then I would doze off- tuning out- then I would return and feel the agitation beneath my surface rising up.

I realized that I had been agitated all day, and the bowls were not allowing me to suppress it.  It was as if little voices in my head were battling, saying, “You can’t get rid of me; leave me alone; this is ridiculous stuff.”  A lot of ego and judgmental thoughts prompting me to “ignore and avoid” were being activated.

It felt like whatever I was dealing with at the moment was being amplified, shaking up their energetic molecules so the disharmonious energies could be released and transformed.

Finally, I smiled as I was able to simply watch my mental chatter respond to the bowls’ energies. Eventually they calmed into a sweet stillness, allowing me to relax deeply into the healing experience.

Thank you, Nancy, for this wonderful awareness.

Gylian Solay, MSKihei, Maui, Hawaii