As a Massage Therapist [LMT], how do you use Nancy’s work?

She’s been a resource for me, so anytime that I have a client that needs to really ground and center, I send them to her. Or, if I have clients who are undergoing chemotherapy or surgery, I always have them go get her CDs.

How have Nancy’s CDs helped your clients?

Well, one really cool thing about the Surgery one is that surgeons let their patients take the CDs into the operating room. And a friend of mine had knee surgery, and he took it in with him, on his ipod or something, and had all of those positive thoughts, affirmations, going on while he was under anesthesia, during surgery! And he recovered so quickly!

Any other thoughts about Nancy’s work?

You know, I wanna tell you…about one thing on the CD – on discovering that a person has cancer. When I was 19, I had cancer, and I was in LA at a big general hospital – UCLA. And I didn’t have anybody with me, and I had no idea what was going on.  And even at that time [there were] people saying that maybe it was something that I did that made me get cancer…

On Nancy’s CD on Cancer, she starts it by saying that it can be a real blessing and that it’s not this horrible monster taking over your life. It’s something that’s happening and…that we have choice and power within that. I would have really liked that, way back then.

KimLMT (cancer at 19)