James E. Fossey

I was blessed with meeting Nancy in Kona on The Big Island in Hawaii in April of 2010 at a Cancer Retreat at Kokolulu Cancer Retreat Center, where she gifted us with her healing bowls and voice.

In August, after flying to Portland to get a second opinion about my cancer situation, I visited her at her Healing Sanctuary.  This beautiful place is only 15 minutes from downtown Eugene, yet I felt like I was in a wilderness area surround by beautiful trees and bushes. After a warm greeting from Nancy and Ken, Nancy and I went to the special room where she does most of her work.  It felt like a temple, a very holy place.

What I experienced during our session is very difficult for me to describe. It is an example of my favorite saying:

 “For heights and depths no word can reach, God, music and nature are the soul’s own speech”. 

Nancy and I talked briefly about my current situation regarding cancer and other matters. She gave me her FULL attention as I could see it in her eyes. She had already set up her exquisite crystal bowls which was a huge part of our session. Then I lay on her massage table, and the deep part of the session started.

Nancy began playing her crystal bowls which radiate different pitches or tones. This movement of sound and energy eventually evolves into beautiful harmony. Nancy begins talking with her very calming and soothing voice, which tended to move me to a higher level of emotion; some of these feelings I am sure are unconscious.

I imagined a cool, cloudy windy day. I wondered if this was a peaceful place to which my mind was taking me, when all of the sudden I was standing on a very calm pool of crystal blue water, most of the clouds disappeared as bright  yellowish orange rays of sun started warming my body. The wind stopped suddenly as I began to look around and observe….

[NOTE: James goes on at great length and in euphoric detail to describe his profound inner experience of meeting Jesus, which was in keeping with his own personal religious beliefs. His experience was not prompted by any specific verbal suggestion, but as a result of his opening to deep levels of Being within himself…..]

….All this time I could hear the harmony of Nancy’s crystal bowls.  Sometimes the movement of the sound energy was intense and at other times it was very quiet.  In any case, the sound always was beautiful!

I could also hear Nancy’s stunning and beautiful voice. At times her voice became deeper and louder, and very powerful, but still beautiful. I really do not know if she was playing the crystal bowls all the while or not.

I do know that she massaged my head in a very gentle manner, as well as my abdominal area and at one point, I assumed she was walking slowly around me. I sensed very fresh moving air….

…I finally started coming out of this experience which I later found out had lasted nearly two hours. I tried to explain to Nancy my experience, but knew I could not explain everything. She listened very intently. I commented that she had a very powerful glow and looked very content. She told me that I also had a glow and could see the power of my experience in my eyes. She encouraged me to write about it, which I’ve done!

I cannot say enough positive words about this wonderful experience. As I was leaving, I almost hopped into one of Nancy and Ken’s vehicles. Edison, my driver, was waiting three vehicles to the left. I turned to Nancy and Ken and chuckled, and just said “I am still in Heaven.”

For me, this experience will always be embedded in my heart and mind!

With Blessings and Love.

James E. FosseyLander, WY