Does Believing Make It So?

As a cancer survivor myself, I greatly admire people like Jan Adrian who live with cancer on a day-to-day basis, continually making courageous choices in their personal lives while making significant contributions to the lives of many others.

I first met Jan at one of her wonderful Cancer as a Turning Point conferences — one of, if not the most, inspiring and informative of the many cancer-related events I’ve come across. In the years immediately following my own bout with cancer, I ended up working with many cancer patients in my private practice; I was always on the lookout for organizations and offerings that I felt aligned with so I could pass them along to my clients. Jan’s company, Healing Journeys, was top on the list.

It was only later that I learned Jan had used my cancer-related CDs as part of her personal healing arsenal. We communicated several times about how to combine our efforts in reaching people in need with positive, life-affirming approaches.

More recently, Jan revealed to me the very encouraging results from her latest blood tests and her appreciation of a new book by Dr. Joe Dispenza, a researcher on self-healing for chronic conditions and terminal diseases. I was unfamiliar with the book, but was excited to learn Dr. Joe speaks of the same concepts that are the foundation of my CDs and all my work (okay, my life!); for example, imagining and feeling deep gratitude for a desired outcome, as if it’s already so.

Jan’s most recent blog post touches upon her encouraging medical findings as well as Dr. Joe’s book, and how these concepts have helped and empowered her. With Jan’s permission, I share her brief comments with you here:


STILL WORKINGScreen Shot 2016-06-09 at 3.09.58 PM
My cancer marker (CA 27.29) went down for the third month in a row. In fact, it went down more than twice as much as it did last month. It is now 173.7.

Even though there are many factors that could be influencing this that I have written about before, I think the “work” that I am doing daily is making a difference. I know it is making a difference in how I feel emotionally.

I am mentally rehearsing how I will feel when I get test results demonstrating that my cancer is diminishing. By consciously marrying my thoughts and intentions with an emotion, I am bathing my body “in the neurochemistry that would be present if that future event were actually happening.”

The quotes here are from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, Coba climb 2012_editedYou Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter. In this book, he describes in great detail the science behind how one’s thoughts and feelings affect what happens in the body. It’s convincing and exciting. I’ll quote one more paragraph:

“When you’re truly focused on an intention for some future outcome, if you can make inner thought more real than the outer environment during the process, the brain won’t know the difference between the two. Then your body, as the unconscious mind, will begin to experience the new future event in the present moment. You’ll signal new genes, in new ways, to prepare for this imagined future event.”
I’m feeling gratitude and appreciation.


Me, too, Jan! Knowing what powerfully creative beings we are, I, too, used this technique during my own cancer healing journey (and countless other times in my life!). I’ve guided clients and students in using this approach — with amazing results — over many years.

And you, dear reader?  What is it YOU would like to bring into being in your life, your body, your condition or circumstances?  I encourage you to take just a moment — right now! — and imagine a simple scene in your future. Feel it, see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, as if it’s already so.

How awesome would it be if _______ really had already happened and you were experiencing it in this moment?  You’d be pretty grateful, right?  So FEEL that, right now!  Maybe you imagine yourself  expressing to someone in your scene, “It feels so wonderful that______,” or “I’m so grateful that _______.”

Then take a deep breath, exhale, and release the image into the Greater Light, knowing you’ve just created a very powerful blueprint, while also doing wonderful things for your whole mind-body-spirit system. It’s so simple, yet so powerful.

I’m always filled with joy and inspiration when I hear of someone allowing Science and Spirit to work through them for the highest good. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Jan.



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