Of Time, Tweets and Souls Flying Free

With all the Facebook, Tweets and Twits stuff going on, I sometimes feel like it’s all too much. Just give me a real live human being with whom to converse while sitting in the shade of the redwood tree in my own front yard. No computers, no cell phones, nothing that needs rebooting or recharging! (Except me!)

Especially this week, I feel deep appreciation for the simple things in life….and for life itself.


Earlier this week, I spent nearly 72 hours with a dear woman named Jean, a former client. I had the honor of playing the role of spiritual midwife as she transitioned from her body. She’d been valiantly dealing with cancer for several years, and at age 74, it was now time to let go, and move on.

After many long hours, during which her body and soul prepared themselves for this transition, I was gifted to be at her side at the moment of release. I was able to witness the look of indescribable joy and awe that shone through her barely opened eyelids in the instant before she left her body.

She’d been unconscious for the better part of three days, so for her to return to awareness just enough to reveal that beauty to me – and to her daughter, Sherrie, who was on her other side – was an unspeakably precious gift.

I don’t know precisely what Jean experienced in that moment, but I do know she wanted us to know it was beautiful beyond imagining. A single tear rolled down her parched cheek, and then she was gone.

Sherrie and I sat wide-eyed, feeling an indescribable awe and Lightness of Being, as we both cried and laughed and hugged across her mom’s now-uninhabited body.  Then, I turned and softly played Amazing Grace on my crystal singing bowls, as Jean’s soul flew free.


So, although time marches on at an ever-increasing rate here on this earthly plane, I’ve been freshly reminded that what truly matters knows not the bounds of time, nor the confines of the body. Who we truly are could never be expressed in a tweet, a twit, a blog, or a book of any kind – Face or otherwise!

As the birds flutter amongst the branches above me, singing their songs with joyful abandon, I find myself joyfully reflecting that each of us has a unique song to sing… and wings with which to fly.

I am blessed with that knowing. I wish for you the same blessing.



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