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Nancy’s high-quality CDs and tapes are very popular with our customers… attractive, eye-catching packaging and beautifully-delivered content. Her audios have been a vital part of our stress reduction section for years!

New Renaissance BookshopPortland, OR

When people ask me about tapes for relaxation, I recommend they listen to yours, and they nearlyalways buy it ….we sell a lot of your titles!

EastWest BookshopSeattle, WA

Nancy’s CDs are popular titles…..they sell well!

A large chain bookstore(whose corporate policy does not allow endorsements!)Eugene, OR

Yours are some of the top ones we recommend for people seriously wanting to deal with stress.  They’re very effective! And people really like the affirmations, too.  We sell a lot of them!

Styles for RelaxationPortland, OR

Our customers have been waiting for this – definitely a must have for anyone struggling with stress management!… The exercises in Nancy Hopps’ relaxation CDs are very helpful for individuals, as well as professionals who are assisting clients struggling with stress-related disorders. After introducing the series to one of our regular customers, they are now using it at Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital in their Eating Disorders Clinic. The Relax Into Healing series is sure to contribute greatly to the field of preventive medicine and personal well-being.

Self Esteem ShopRoyal Oak , MI

Nancy’s tapes and CDs have been perennial bestsellers at our store, in part because we feel great confidence in recommending them: everyone likes them, and often customers come back to get another as a gift.

Peralandra BooksEugene, OR

I found Nancy’s voice very appealing.  The tape [Relaxation/Affirmation Techniques] is simple, but deep… not a lot of distractions like so many other tapes have.  It’s sold well.

Omega Institute BookstoreRhinebeck, NY

Simple, straightforward, and very effective… easy to see why it’s rapidly becoming a best-seller!

Inner ConnectionsBeaverton, OR


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All of Nancy’s products and services come with a money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with what you receive, your investment will be refunded. Also, if a product or service would be of value to you, but you are not financially able to cover the entire amount, some assistance may be available. Please do not hesitate to ask. You will be asked to commit to “Paying it forward” in some way, to someone, when you are able.


If you have found any of Nancy’s products or services helpful, and would like to help others benefit from her work, please consider “Paying it Forward” by making a contribution (financial or otherwise.)

Personal, corporate and/or in memoriam financial contributions may be made via Paypal by clicking the flower image to the left. Or checks may be sent to "Relax Into Healing™ w/ Nancy Hopps", PO Box 5224, Eugene, OR, 97405. All donations go directly toward furthering the distribution of CDs to individuals, hospitals, cancer centers, pain centers and others, as well as allowing Nancy to offer pro bono services to those in need. Deepest thanks for your support of this much needed work.