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Your CDs are absolutely incredible! They are such a blessing to me. I just can’t say enough about them. They’re just so important for people to have! Before my 3 day scan, I was really scared, and I listened to your Healing Affirmations & Harp CD the whole time, and it was so perfect – so beautiful and so soothing. Friends came by to read to me and stuff, but the thing that was the most comforting was listening to your CD. And the Surgery one – I lay in bed and listened to it every single morning after my son left for school. All your CDs are so incredibly healing and calming and empowering. This morning I had such great insights listening to Track 7 (‘Listening Within’) onCancer: Embracing the Healing Journey. It was very enlightening. You are incredible! Thank-you, Nancy, for everything!

Bonnie Witkin Stuart, Ph.D.PsychologistEugene, OR

Nancy – I am very grateful for your sweet, peaceful voice guiding me on my healing journey, and into healing sleep! I’m home from the hospital now, and doing well. Your guidance on the Healing Affirmations & Harp (and earlier, the Pain and Surgery CDs) is responsible for so much of my progress. Thank you. You are an Angel.

James Aday(knee replacement surgery)

I need to order several more complete sets of your CDs. I can’t keep them in our lending library – they’re always checked out. Patients love them! Your voice, the music, your choice of words…it’s all wonderful. Your CDs create such a feeling of peace. How can something so gentle and soothing be so powerful?!! Thank-you, Nancy, for sharing your healing gifts with us.

Lynda Godell, MSWDirector, Patient Support Services, Willamette Valley Cancer Care Center

The day I first heard one of your CDs was a revelation for me. I was well into the world of cancer, surgeries, and treatments, but still my favorite CD is Cancer: Embracing the Healing Journey. I now have seven of your CDs and have been in your loving, healing radiance for the past two months. You have become my special angel, and for that – and so much more – I am grateful. Pain has been my constant companion, so your Pain: Softening the Sensations has guided me along the way.  I constantly use Deep, Healing Sleep and Healing Affirmations & Harp and my most recent purchase, Finding the Peaceful Place Within. I cannot express enough my gratitude to you and your work. You are so gifted.

Jean Prince

When I got my diagnosis, I felt like I was in a free-fall without a safety net. To have this kind of wonderful, loving energy and support [on Relax Into Healing – Cancer: Embracing the Healing Journey] was literally life-saving. I was able to move from fear to love, and I really learned I AM not alone. THANK-you.

Kaye Johns

I have a lot of patients who’re using your CDs during their chemo treatments.  One woman comes in every time and listens to the first five minutes or so of your [Cancer: Embracing the Healing Journey] CD to relax and prepare herself, before she’ll even let me start her chemo preps.  Another woman postponed her chemo treatment til the next day so she could listen to your whole [Chemotherapy] CD first!…

Shar AndrusChemo RNWillamette Valley Cancer Care Center

I’ve been listening to Track 5, Embracing All Emotions on the Cancer CD, over and over again, because I really need to hear that…it feels like you really know what I’m going through, and that it’s okay to feel everything I’m feeling. It’s helped so much. Thank you, Nancy…..I’ve also been using your Chemo CD during my treatments, and it’s wonderful…even when I drift off, it’s so nice to have your voice gently guiding me in the background

Lisa Rosen

Your Chemotherapy CD has helped so much, offering me sanity in the face of overwhelm. Your guidance truly helps me cope with my feelings, helps me shift from fear into acceptance, from fragmentation into wholeness. This CD is my most essential supply when I go for treatment. I settle into the total safety and comfort of your voice, the gift of your wisdom, and open to the positive aspects of my chemotherapy. It’s equally worthwhile even when I drift off—it’s so nice to have your voice gently guiding me in the background. Even the nurses are impressed with the CD’s effect on my serenity and my allegiance to it. I would do anything to call from the rooftops support of your work in the world.

T. Lee

When I went in for my first chemo, I wasn’t at all afraid and I know it was because of your CD and guidance. I feel so grateful to have been led to you. Thank-you, Nancy.

Lorelei Kyllonen

Dear Nancy, Thank you so much for making the Chemotherapy CD. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me since I have listened to it. When I first found out I had to have Chemotherapy, I was frightened and angry. I was just beginning to feel good from the surgery and did not want to have to go through several months of feeling bad again. I certainly was thinking of the Chemotherapy as my “enemy”.

I put your CD into our stereo, stretched out on the couch, listened and followed your relaxation instructions through the whole CD. When it was over, it was like night had turned into day. I then realized that chemo is a blessing. It has really changed my attitude.

I just finished my first treatment day before yesterday. I arrived at the doctor’s office around 10:00 a.m. and did not get out until 5:00 p.m. I took your CD and the new player a friend had given me. As soon as they got the “IV” hooked up, I turned on the player and listened to the whole message again. Your voice is so soothing and the harp is just perfect. I was probably the most relaxed person in the whole office.

I came through the treatment just fine. No nausea, etc. I just wanted to say ‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!’ You have truly made this journey much easier.

Pat JohnstonNapa, CA

I sure wish I’d had your beautiful CD when I was going through my radiation treatments. It would have made it so much easier! This is very valuable work.

Lynda Czajkowska Thompson

People come in with a lot of fear – fear of the unknown, fear of pain, just being afraid because they have cancer. Nancy does a fabulous job of preparing patients for what will happen here and of equipping them with relaxing images and coping skills. Tools like this absolutely make a difference in helping patients get the most from treatment.

Julie Gemmel, M.D.Radiation Oncologist, Willamette Valley Cancer Care Center

Your very professionally-done CDs have helped so many of our patients – specifically I’m thinking of one of our head and neck cancer patients – your Radiation CD really helped him get through a series of rigorous radiation treatments.  He was claustrophobic and worked diligently with your CD’s every day to manage his anxieties on the treatment table.  Thanks for all you do!

Gretchen Matsuoka, M.Ed.Oncology Social Worker

THANK you, Nancy!! I received the [Cancer: Embracing the Healing Journey] cd’s YESTERDAY!! Dunno HOW you did that so fast!! Please continue the important & oh so valuable work that you’re doing…it’s such a gift to humankind…I appreciate finding you very much! Warmest regards,

D.M.Sanford, FL

Love Deep Healing Sleep. Great stuff.  Soothing voice. Been a life saver during chemo and after. I frequently fall asleep before the end of CD. Can you suggest another title to look at? Thanks again!  [next day:]  I got Finding the Peaceful Place Within today. Very, very nice. Been through it, first listening to this track and that, and then after lunch, start to finish. Terrific. Again, fell asleep before the end.

Mark PerrinEugene, OR

Hi Nancy -I am 49, a many-year yoga teacher, yoga nidra teacher and cancer/palliative care social worker – currently going through the experience of triple negative breast cancer treatment…While I have guided many patients and students through this journey, I felt deeply that I needed a guide or coach myself. I find much of what’s available in the world of visualization unhelpful or unfitting with my own spiritual view…

I am so grateful to have found your deeply wise offering “Chemotherapy: A Healing Solution” while doing a late-night search on the web. I’m on my third day after my first chemo treatment (1 of 8 of a very dose-dense two-week protocol requiring bone marrow boosters in between cycles) and your gentle support has been such a blessing to me!Profound gratitude for all that you do, and many blessings your way. Namaste,

MishaVictoria, BC, CANADA

On Tamoxifen, I experience severe muscle cramps during the night, and recently also began listening to your Pain CD at bedtime…. [I’ve also benefited greatly from your Chemo CD]. Thank you for your words of solace and support in your CDs. You have helped so many of us on the road to recovery from cancer.

Darci B.Alexandria, VA

Wanted to say thank-you. My mom is going through chemo right now and as you probably know it’s been hard on her. I found your CD at the UofO bookstore, and she just told me she was so relaxed she fell asleep and napped, something she never does. She said thanks it helped immensely, and was something she didn’t even know she needed.

L. MillerEugene, OR

You have been playing in my head and heart for 2 days. Chemo yesterday. Your healing words have helped so much.

Marcia CrimArlington, TX

[in response to a newsletter] Dear Nancy, You are such a gift.  I feel like I just sat down with a friend for a cup of coffee.  You would have no reason to remember this, but I actually spoke with you once.  I had a friend suffering from cancer and looking for any way of helping her, I stumbled upon your website.  I called and you answered the phone and made me feel so much better. And your Cancer CD helped her tremendously. God Bless you for your work.  You are the “Real Deal.” Much appreciation,

Valerie Sclafani

Hi Nancy – I think of you often and how your CDs helped me through the most difficult times in my life. I don’t know if you remember me. I wanted you to know that I won a National Award called PINK POWER MOM[*] and I just posted this on our FB page for women to check out and pass on to the women they are helping. Must have Relax Into Healing by Nancy Hopps  Are so amazing. Website has CDs for Chemo – before/after, and Radiation, all great positive affirmations. Nancy is a cancer survivor as well. Blessings, For YOU and so much more, I am grateful.

[*NOTE: Pink Power Moms is part of the Kids II Foundation, which honors mothers who are breast cancer survivors, powerful role models in their community, and are inspirations to their families, friends and others battling breast cancer because of their resilient spirit and perseverance in the face of adversity. Every year, Kids II celebrates eight mothers who have battled breast cancer and dedicated themselves to helping others in the fight. Congratulations, Linda!]

Linda BlairCorvallis, OR

I downloaded the CANCER: Embracing the Healing Journey mp3 today. I see the oncologist tomorrow so will have a better idea of what I’m dealing with. I just know I need to be well prepared and I know your CDs are going to be a valuable and significant part of that preparation. I listened to some of the sample clips and downloaded the free 12 minute relaxation audio and I knew that this is definitely for me; it all felt so right. Thank you for sharing your giftedness, wisdom and experience. Thank you for all your time and energy on this; it is truly appreciated.  Kindest regards,

[and a few days later…]

How lovely of you to write. I don’t believe in accidents either but I am so surprised by all the love and support coming my way, sometimes from the most unexpected sources.  I saw the oncologist today and am starting chemotherapy the day after tomorrow. I wasn’t sure if they would do surgery or chemo first so I waited to see which of your CDs I would need first. I’ve been very busy and now it is Chemo Day. Thank you Nancy for your wonderful support. You have done so much for me already. As you probably already know, I have downloaded the Chemo CD and that is on my iPod ready for me to listen to while I’m having the chemo. I have listened  to parts of it at bedtime so I’m in a good place already, thanks to you. I shall print your email and keep it in my folder filed under ‘Encouragement’. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nancy. I am so very grateful,

[and a few months later…]

I have downloaded the Surgery mp3 files and have started using them at home. I have only started to feel anxious about the forthcoming surgery in the last day or so and am finding that your recordings are helping to alleviate the “butterflies”. Thank you so much for your support through all of this. I am so very grateful.


Jeanine T.Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Dear Nancy – I am sending you this check… because a neighbor shared two of your CDs with me recently, as I am going through treatment for breast cancer. I have put them into my iPod, and realize that you won’t receive any income for this use, and so I wanted to reimburse you for your work.  I listened to your Radiation CD before I began that treatment, and it allowed me to undertake this process with a much more positive attitude about it than I probably would have otherwise. I am very grateful for your calm, encouraging and loving voice. I am just now beginning to listen to the Healing Affirmations & Harp CD. …Thank you so much!

Nancy FletcherEugene, OR

I listened to the Surgery CD last night and it is amazing. You are truly a divine spark, Nancy. May your CDs spread near and far assisting millions in their healing process. I had tried 3 different pre-surgery CDs, and all of these pale in comparison to yours. Your voice is a salve for my fear. Really, yours is in a class of its own. I am so grateful, so fortunate that it came to me when it did.

France Robinson

It was wonderful to have been led to your doorstep as I faced the process of surgery and recovery. Your voice and guidance are so gentle and reassuring. They create such a loving atmosphere for facing the fears, the pain, and the grieving connected with surgery. And I know the recovery process was greatly speeded by your gently healing ways. Thank you, Nancy, for making this healing CD available to so many.

Bonnie Lamont

Thanks so much for the CD on surgery and mending. It was wonderful. I was really apprehensive about the surgery to the point where I was focusing mostly on all the things that could go wrong. Your guided meditations and the lovely harp music really allowed me to redirect all those negative thoughts. Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t exactly leap onto the surgery table. But on the other hand, I did show up at the hospital on my assigned date with a calm mind and a relaxed body, both of which I’m sure contributed to the success of the surgery… Thanks again.

Lyn Gilman-Garrick

Gidday Nancy,  Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks again for taking time to send across your Surgery: Mindful Mending CD. I found it so helpful and nurturing, especially as I waited in the operating room. The minutes before “going under” have been anxious for me in the past. This time I relaxed and visualised the outcome I wanted. It worked!  The [wisdom teeth extraction] surgery went really well… I listened to your CD every day the following week… I thought it would interest you to know that my Surgeon said on a scale of 1-10 in terms of difficulty operating (my teeth were right next to my facial nerves), my operation was an 11. He said he didn’t want to have me worry unnecessarily, but that I had a very real chance of coming out with partial face paralysis/permanent loss of feeling. When all was said and done, I figure I am very lucky and super glad that I prepared as well as I did. Thought it would also interest you to know that I was the only one in surgery that day to recover well. I had NO swelling and NO bruising. Unlike my fellow patients ~ who obviously hadn’t done their positive visualisations beforehand! Without exception they came out black and blue and swollen. LOL. Anyway Nancy, thanks again for caring and sharing. Bless you.

Rochelle GrantSydney, Australia

I had a rather serious fall last October, dislocating and breaking my right shoulder, crushing the shoulder socket, and severing the rotator cuff. Just five days before major surgery, I happened to uncover your Relax Into Healing CD for Surgery – the demo CD that you brought to the Celebration last summer. So I began listening to it each evening and on the way to the hospital just before the surgery. It was very, very helpful, Nancy. Beautifully done, encouraging, soothing, uplifting. I felt deeply prepared and blessed in every way. It’s been a long road of healing, but I’m way ahead of where anyone expected me to be. So I’m very grateful. Thank you with all my heart for the part you played in it!

Tricia Clark-McDowellEugene, OR

Dear Nancy,

I am recovering from total hip replacement surgery at an accelerated rate which my surgeon and physical therapist consider amazing.   I know a big part of the reason for my healing so quickly was the use your Relax into Healing CD for Surgery.  Relaxing and using my energy where it was needed during this potentially stressful experience was imperative. This was my first ever surgery and actually my first stay in a hospital… I’d been plenty apprehensive about it, until I started using the pre-surgery program on your CD. The CD did a great job of preparing and relaxing me for this new challenge.  It helped me accept the experience in its entirety and focus on HEALING…The post-surgery segment [on Surgery-Mindful Mending] also helped me sleep in the hospital which is a nearly impossible task…  I [often] fell asleep with my headphones on listening to your CD…and was released from the hospital 2 days ahead of schedule.  Thanks so much for all the relief …Your contribution has been immeasurable.

Dick ZinnWhidby Island, WA

THANKS FOR THE FAST-TRACK HEALING! Well my rehab continues to sail on at an accelerated pace.  I work hard at the physical therapy exercises, walk as far as I can, eat good nourishing food and relax and meditate in between.  Yes, “relaxing into healing” works.  Lets your energy (qi) go to work healing, unhindered by petty fears and insignificant daily hassles.  I do hope your message continues to expand for the benefit of many. Love and Cheers,

Dick ZinnWhidby Island, WA

I just wanted to tell you how valuable your Surgery CD was for me before and after my knee replacement surgery.  I used it for weeks and weeks and it helped tremendously.  I had a lot of apprehension about the operation, and it really helped me change my attitude.  Your voice is absolutely beautiful – it’s so soothing.  You are doing very valuable work.  Thank you so much.

Melina Neal (age 82)Eugene, OR

I checked several of your CDs out of the library, including your Surgery one. I sunk into it 150%! It helped SO much! Thank you for these great recordings!

D.P.Minneapolis, MN

Thank you so much for the CDs for Surgery and Healing Affirmations & Harp.  Phil and I sent them to his sister in PA. She was able to play them before surgery, during surgery and after! We talk to her often and she mentions her love of the CDs every time. The fact that she has gained so much from them gives us joy. It is difficult to be far away and support loved ones through a healing process.  Warmly,

Cheryl and Phil GebhartAlbany, OR

My oral surgeon was very impressed that my heart rate never went over 60 beats/minute. I was so relaxed during the whole extraction and grafting procedure. Your Surgery CD is why!

Ken NiehausEugene, OR

Ask anyone who knows me to describe me and the word Zen would never be used.  However, Zen is what I became prior to my surgery thanks to Nancy and her beautiful Surgery: Mindful Mending CD.  I am not one to meditate but was given the gift of her cd a week before my hysterectomy.  I didn’t know what a wonderful and needed gift it was going to turn out to be.  I listened to it daily in preparation and had it playing on my iPod during pre-op.   The anesthesiologist came by right before my surgery to see if I needed a sedative.  My blood pressure was 100/70 and even if I tried, I could not produce any anxiety.  I  had my visualization in place, so much so that when I was laying on the table and they injected the goofy juice into my IV, the surgical lights looked identical to the blue ocean water I had been visualizing all week.  The days following surgery I listened to the second portion of the cd to help me through moments when I was worried about my healing body.  Nancy’s soothing voice and guidance helped me to calm my mind and reminded me to allow room for the healing process to do the work necessary to a full recovery.

Now, ask anyone who knows Nancy to describe her and they will  say she has a lovely presence and a beautiful voice.  It is very true and it comes through on her cd’s.  I am lucky enough to work with Nancy and to have been gifted her cd.   I will be forever grateful.

Colleen GlickBilling Coordinator and Fitness Instructor, Eugene Family YMCA

The healing hands, voice and other amazing offerings by Nancy Hopps are something I hope you get to experience in your lifetime. Whether it be through her Relax Into Healing CDs (in my case, the one for before, during and after Surgery), or at one of her crystal singing bowls events, or through massage and sound healing work at her beautiful Healing Sanctuary, you, like me, will be better for it. I have experienced all of the above and my body, mind and spirit have benefited in a way that I can only describe as ‘peaceful, soothing and ultimately very healing.

Storm KennedyEugene, Oregon

For 15 years I’ve been in chronic pain. I choose not to take medication – that’s why your work is so important to me. I’ve been able to put on your [Pain] CD when I wake up in pain, and it helps tremendously. You have a real gift, Nancy. With profound gratitude,

Anne Sheridan

Yesterday I was pretty sick and listened to the new [Pain] CD 3 times. It is just perfect. You have such an amazing gift… your voice is so comforting and soothing and well-timed. Your choice of words is the best…stuff I’ve never heard on any other CD. It eases so much of the tension and lowers the pain decibels so that I can always fall asleep, even if just for a little while. The reprieve I get is such a huge relief. I’d like to buy one for my oldest daughter, as well, because she too gets these awful migraines.

Vicki Falsgraf

I had a pinched nerve in my foot the other day, and your guidance was the only thing that got me through it… was excruciating, but the breathing, relaxation, imagery and especially the non-resistance I’ve practiced with your [Pain] CD for my other chronic health challenges helped keep me sane for the few hours til it eased up. THANK-you, Nancy!!!

N. Niehaus

I am using Nancy’s Pain CD with clients in my work at St. Charles Outpatient Behavioral Health, and their Home Health Agency. The relaxation CDs I use regularly also – they’re all great – very high quality, research-based material. Patients report that Nancy’s beautiful voice is calming and the information and processes on the CDs are very helpful.

Carol ZancanellaLCSWBend, Oregon

It was such a pleasure to meet you at the Sleep Fair…I want you to know I am sleeping better…your voice is so soothing and your words are healing [on Pain and Healing Affirmations &Harp CDs]…with all the stress and chronic pain, fibromyalgia….it’s good to be back in my bed and getting rested. Thank-you and God bless you in all you do to help others….Ever so grateful!!!

Bonnie R.Springfield, OR

….Well, one year later, still pain free in my hip and stomach, where there had been constant pain until after I came to you.  Still remembering to take time to be quiet and using your CD to help me…  Thank you for the work you do and the difference you made in my life.  Much love and gratitude to you.

Darlene P.Creswell, OR

You are absolutely amazing and so are your CDs! I’ve got a LOT of them –– and I haven’t used my other ones since I discovered yours.  I’m in chronic pain myself, and these CD’s are amoung the best I have personally tried. I would like to promote them through the [pain support] group and make them more readily available here.

Coleen CaveBoard of Executives of the People in Pain Network (PIPN) and Leader of Chronic Pain Support GroupSurrey, BC, CANADA

I love my [PAIN: Softening the Sensations] CD. This was the first time in over 2 years that I had a few minutes of being pain free. Thank you! [in response to my email inquiry:]  Yes you may quote me. What you do has become such a blessing in my life! I am learning to live a better life (with or without the pain) and I thank you for this! I am so happy that my pain counselor has your CDs available for purchase in her office.  Blessings to you, you are a candle in my life.

Jan BoechlerEugene, OR

Nancy Hopps’ voice  [on Pain CD] soothed away all anxieties and softened my painful sensations. Her masterful choices of words is compelling and potent. With Profound Gratitude,

Anne SheridanPublicistEugene, OR

I have been listening to your tape on Pain and I must say it is the best one hands down…I have Parkinson’s…

Judy Y.

Thank you so much, Nancy. What a prompt & very helpful reply! Your [PAIN: Softening the Sensations] CD has helped me immensely — I’ve even had two afternoon naps which is not usually possible as I find it difficult to give myself permission to ‘turn off’ for awhile. I’m workin’ on it!   Warmly,

Sue NickelsDelta, BC, CANADA

Want to thank you again for the Pain CD. I thank you every time I use it! Hugs,

Vicki FalsgrafEugene, OR

I just wanted to thank you so much for your CD Relaxing into Healing [PAIN: Softening the Sensations] which is so beautiful and has been so helpful to me. I have a chronic illness and have been struggling for a long time, but I am so much better now. I have been working a lot with meditation and relaxation techniques. With your CD I could for the first time follow any breathing instructions, which has been an obstacle to me previously, I have felt uncomfortable and slightly panicky but with your instructions it makes sense. You have added another dimension with the things you say and it is a wonderful metaphor to allow the pain to dilute in a big space, which it actually does! The technique you are using is very powerful and provides much more relief than just relaxation. Your voice is so soothing, I think you are an angel!  Thank you from my heart, Karin [then, in response to my inquiry:] Yes! I would be happy for you to use my name and I live in London. I have already advised other people to look at your CD and will also advice the patients’ organization I am a member of for people with Primary Immuno Deficiencies in the UK to look at it. All the best,

Karin LangeLondon, ENGLAND

Healing Affirmations & Harp

Your Healing Affirmations & Harp CD creates such a feeling of peace. Thank-you, Nancy, for sharing your healing gifts with us.

Lynda Godell, MSWDirector, Patient Support Services, Willamette Valley Cancer Care Center

I am so grateful to have your beautiful, inspiring CD [Healing Affirmations & Harp] to listen to every single night at bedtime!

France RobinsonAshland, OR

Thank you so much for the CDs for Surgery and Healing Affirmations & Harp.  Phil and I sent them to his sister in PA. She was able to play them before surgery, during surgery and after! We talk to her often and she mentions her love of the CDs every time. The fact that she has gained so much from them gives us joy. It is difficult to be far away and support loved ones through a healing process.  Warmly,

Cheryl and Phil GebhartAlbany, OR


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