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Nancy’s CDs are well-done self-help tools for relaxation, affirmation and healing. (…keep on inspiring life!”)

Bernie Siegel, M.D.Author, Love, Medicine & Miracles Founder, ECaP (Exceptional Cancer Patients) Center

Nancy is a gifted healer and artist whose personal and professional experience make her highly-qualified to assist with many aspects of mind-body healing. I’m sure you will find her compassionate guidance healing on many levels.

Jan H. Stafl, MDMember, Board of Trustees American Holistic Medical Association

I highly recommend Nancy’s work as an excellent foundation for bodymind health and healing. Her warm, soothing voice, the peaceful music and the skillful suggestions make her guided relaxation and imagery CDs and tapes among the very best.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.Author, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind; The Power of the Mind to Heal, etc.

I wanted to let you know that the patient that used your [Surgery] CD has done beautifully and had no post-operative nausea or vomiting, and minimal pain. This is remarkable, considering that the size of the tumor removed from her pelvis was so much more than she – or anyone – expected, and was completely embedded/attached to major organs. She has a clean bill of health, positive energy, and is quite active for someone so soon after a surgery like this.  Bravo!  I have yet to listen to the entire CD myself as I keep falling asleep (working 20-hr days for months). But I do prefer it so far to all of the others that I have used with patients in the past…The quality and integrity of your work is impressive, and obviously from your heart and soul…Thank you.

Carol Campbell, RNDirector of Surgery, Anesthesia Special Procedures, Breast Care York HospitalYork, ME

I have a lot of patients who’re using your CDs during their chemo treatments.  One woman comes in every time and listens to the first five minutes or so of your [Cancer: Embracing the Healing Journey] CD to relax and prepare herself, before she’ll even let me start her chemo preps.  Another woman postponed her chemo treatment til the next day so she could listen to your whole [Chemotherapy] CD first!…

Shar AndrusChemo RNWillamette Valley Cancer Care Center

I am using Nancy’s Pain CD with clients in my work at St. Charles Outpatient Behavioral Health, and their Home Health Agency. The relaxation CDs I use regularly also – they’re all great – very high quality, research-based material. Patients report that Nancy’s beautiful voice is calming and the information and processes on the CDs are very helpful.

Carol ZancanellaLCSWBend, Oregon

I need to order several more complete sets of your CDs. I can’t keep them in our lending library – they’re always checked out. Patients love them! Your voice, the music, your choice of words…its all wonderful. Your CDs create such a feeling of peace. How can something so gentle and soothing be so powerful?!! Thank-you, Nancy, for sharing your healing gifts with us.

Lynda Godell, MSWDirector, Patient Support ServicesWillamette Valley Cancer Care Center

People come in with a lot of fear – fear of the unknown, fear of pain, just being afraid because they have cancer. Nancy does a fabulous job of preparing patients for what will happen here and of equipping them with relaxing images and coping skills. Tools like this absolutely make a difference in helping patients get the most from treatment.

Julie Gemmel, M.D.Radiation OncologistWillamette Valley Cancer Care Center

We love your Relax into Healing CD (Finding the Peaceful Place Within) as well as Deep Healing Sleep — and use these for our 10-15 minute meditations. We lead a daily 10-15 relaxation class in our corporate fitness center. It’s tough to find good short meditations for this purpose. These CDs are among our favorites!  Thanks.

Susan WardProgram ManagerMattel Health and Fitness Center

Ms. Hopps has produced one of the best relaxation tapes available for use with patients suffering from PTSD symptomatology [anger, anxiety, depression, insomnia].  Her rich voice, the timing of her suggestions, and the minimal use of music make Relaxation/Affirmation Techniques a classic among stress-management materials.

Wm. D. Booth, Ph.D.Veteran's Administration Medical CenterTuskegee, AL

Ms. Hopps’ expertise has been invaluable in our “Coping with Depression” study, funded by the Nat’l Inst. of Mental Health.   Feedback from participants is superlative.  Simply put, people love these CDs, and they work!

David Campbell, Ph.D. , Will Levin, Ph.D.Co-founders of mPower, LLC

I have received nothing but positive comments from our patients. Many have asked for [a CD] of their own…patients appear to respond quickly to the format of your relaxation techniques.

J. Coulson CTRS/RTCRBethesda Hospital Zanesville, OH

Your very professionally-done CDs have helped so many of our patients – specifically I’m thinking of one of our head and neck cancer patients – your Radiation CD really helped him get through a series of rigorous radiation treatments.  He was claustrophobic and worked diligently with your CDs every day to manage his anxieties on the treatment table.  Thanks for all you do!

Gretchen Matsuoka, M.Ed.Oncology Social Worker

Most of my clients prefer this [Relaxation/Affirmations Techniques] tape to others we’ve used. The combination of music and voice is very relaxing in itself. I also like the full or minimal tension option…..lots of effective, easily learnable techniques.

Cathe KennedyVision TherapistEugene, OR

I’ve found Nancy’s work to be a useful for physician, patient, and/or anybody else who wishes to let go of life’s stresses. I’m impressed with its content and presentation. It’s first rate!

Robert Fackelman, M.D.Seattle, WA

The participants (post-menopausal women w/ Type 2 diabetes) in our MLP 2-yr grant research project have benefited greatly from their use of Nancy’s wonderful recordings.  The breathing techniques, the guided imagery, the progressive physical relaxation…..these are very well-designed, beautifully presented programs that are having obvious, positive results.

Deborah J. Toobert, Ph.D.Research Scientist Oregon Research Institute

I am responsible for setting up a comprehensive Cancer Treatment and Healing Center.

Nancy’s products are a must for our patients.

Marcia CrimCEOUSMD HospitalArlington, TX


Your CDs are absolutely life changing. Thank you!!! I have finished chemo and radiation…I can’t begin to tell you how helpful your [Cancer, Chemo, Radiation, Pain, Healing Affirmations] recordings were. I listened to them every day during treatment and for a while afterwards. I feel like I need a Nancy fix after not hearing them for awhile! We are getting ready to start up our [cancer treatment] program here. I’ll stay in touch. Blessings are with you!!!

Marcia CrimCEOUSMD Hospital Arlington, TX

I have been asked to recommend information on relaxation techniques, etc to bariatric patients. I was going to tell them about your wonderful CDs that we do use here in the Johnson Unit [psychiatric ward]… Thanks for doing what you do-keep doing it more!

C.H.CounselorSacred Heart HospitalEugene, OR

Relaxation for Expectant Mothers by Nancy Hopps provides pregnant women and their loved ones a powerful means of promoting relaxation and reducing fear.  With regular practice, a woman conditioned with Nancy’s soothing voice will have a much easier time in her labor and delivery.  Whether you desire natural childbirth or seek pain relief with drugs or anesthesia, this recording will invite and assist you in listening to your body, and the child inside you.

Jan H. StaflMD Board Certified in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Holistic Medicine

Nancy Hopps, Surgery: Mindful Mending, Synergetic Systems 2006 

CD and 16 pp booklet $19.95

Nancy Hopps has created a series of Relax into Healing CDs. This one focuses on ways in which imagery, relaxation, and affirmations can be helpful as self-healing in preparation for, during and following surgical procedures. Solo harp music accompanies Nancy’s calming guidance. The booklet contains portions of the voice presentation, and is helpful in recapping what one has heard. The CD can also be played during the surgery to strengthen its effectsI found the presentation clear and soothing, and am certain this can be helpful to anyone undergoing a surgical procedure. Other CDs in this series include:

Pain – Softening the Sensations
Healing Affirmations & Harp

Cancer – Embracing the Healing Journey

Chemotherapy – A Healing Solution

Radiation: Removing the Dross


Highly recommended for anyone wanting help in these areas.

Daniel J. Benor, MDABHM, EditorIJHC

I have used your relaxation/affirmation exercise [Relaxation/Affirmation Techniques] for many years! I’ve also introduced numerous clients to ‘you’ via this exercise with wonderful responses always shared!

Doug Greenlee, MA/MS LMFT, LADC, CGCStaff PsychotherapistRecovery Plus - St. Cloud HospitalSt. Cloud, MN

I ALWAYS recommended your progressive muscle relaxation tape (w/colors on the reverse side) [Relaxation/Affirmation Techniques] when working with clients/patients who had difficulty recognizing/moving muscle tension through the body. Do you still have that? Is it available in CD? Now that I’m working in a physical therapy practice, I really need an imagery specific to muscles.  Many thanks for your wonderful and healing voice and creative imagery! Nothing like it!!!

Renata MarsalNewberg, OR


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