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Meeting Nancy Hopps for the first time was like seeing an old friend and soul sister.  Her peaceful joy shines with her warm, welcoming smile.  Never having heard Alchemical Crystal Healing Bowls before, I was curious about this new experience.

Nancy’s resonance with their sounds and tone is evident, from her spoken introduction to the first sound of the bowls’ tones.  She blends her vocal sound with them and sometimes I would open my eyes to see if she was toning or was it the bowls?

Expecting to be soothed into a peaceful place, I experienced just the opposite.  I found myself agitated and annoyed by the intermittent disharmonic sounds and tones.  Every now and then I would doze off- tuning out- then I would return and feel the agitation beneath my surface rising up.

I realized that I had been agitated all day, and the bowls were not allowing me to suppress it.  It was as if little voices in my head were battling, saying, “You can’t get rid of me; leave me alone; this is ridiculous stuff.”  A lot of ego and judgmental thoughts prompting me to “ignore and avoid” were being activated.

It felt like whatever I was dealing with at the moment was being amplified, shaking up their energetic molecules so the disharmonious energies could be released and transformed.

Finally, I smiled as I was able to simply watch my mental chatter respond to the bowls’ energies. Eventually they calmed into a sweet stillness, allowing me to relax deeply into the healing experience.

Thank you, Nancy, for this wonderful awareness.

Gylian Solay, MSKihei, Maui, Hawaii

Aloha Nancy – Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful gift of Love and Healing. The Bowls really are healing! My neck has been so tight and sore for years. After being in the Army 20 years wearing a heavy helmet it is no wonder.
While you were playing last night at some point my head felt as if it was floating off my neck. The pain I had been living with daily is gone. I would really like to get an x ray soon to see if my natural curve is back.
Also, during the session when you asked us to “tone along” it seemed silly but I did it anyway and am so glad I did as I immediately had relief in my TMJ. Amazing! I highly encourage everyone to get out of their own way and to fully participate and let the healing begin. Namaste.

Andrea MillsHostMaui TV 1

This is the first time that a crystal bowls presentation really “touched me” – I’ve been to many different events, and they just never really did anything for me. But this – your event – was extremely powerful….something about the way you play them, your voice…just even to watch you… was very sacred. It was an amazing experience…….I’m still vibrating from it – literally!

C.T.Eugene, OR

I don’t think I’ve ever been so immersed in that…Divine Awareness….Oh, my…what JOY!!  These are tears of gratitude!!!

Marika(age 73) Maui, Hawaii

Experiencing your crystal bowls was one of the most powerful, emotional, beautiful (I could go on and on!) soul pleasing [series of] moments of our lives. We can’t thank you enough for sharing your precious gift….

Val and Doug VanRheenWest Linn, OR

Hi Nancy! I just want to say thank you for sharing your sound healing last night. It was very beautiful indeed. I loved your rendition of Over the Rainbow – that just blasted my heart and crown open and I felt such radiant joy in that moment.  I am definitely feeling the effects. Last night my body was just buzzing for hours, I couldn’t sleep! Today, I feel as if I am releasing a lot and have had several deep insights into the patterns I asked to release!!! Also a lot of random thoughts and I am just letting them come and then go without attachment, which is awesome!! … You are an inspiration to many and have always modeled a way of being in the world to me that I have learned a lot from. With Love and Light.

TinaEugene, OR

I was talking to a friend last week, and she started raving about your crystal bowls event, that she thought I’d enjoy. She told me that it took her to a wonderful, spiritual altered state. Three days later, when we talked, she was still enjoying the spiritual high. Even cancelled a counseling session, because she was feeling so gooood.

Linda S.Eugene, OR

Thank you for your Universal Work! It is important and transformative!

WendyEugene, OR

I had an amazing, powerful healing dream after being at Nancy Hopps’ crystal bowl concert…After I woke up I could tell I felt inwardly refreshed. My optimism and light-heartedness had returned after a few weeks of feeling somewhat down, sad or angry. I e-mailed dear Nancy to thank her. Despite having been somewhat distracted during the bowls event with remnants of a cold, and thus unable to “sink in” as deeply as I would have liked, the dream suggests to me that “something was happening” inside my soul which I experienced, upon awakening, as a turning toward the Light.

Mary DwanRetired PsychologistBritish Virgin Gorda

I have been wanting to write to you ever since your fall Napa concert. I had a most amazing thing happen during your concert...I was suddenly aware of a total change in the air quality. It was as if the windows had been thrown open and this incredible, divinely fresh purified air was available for a short time!! …Thank you for the amazing concert! Keep up the healing work, spreading light and awareness.

Rende LazureNapa, CA

I invited Nancy to come to the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to speak about the healing power of sound, and demonstrate it through the use of her alchemical crystal healing bowls. Not only did she captivate everyone in the school, but those who attended her talk about the bowls, then stayed for her interactive concert, not only understood, but got to experience first-hand the profound effect these bowls had.

People were so affected that some even booked impromptu private sessions immediately after her presentation. The bowls, paired with Nancy’s amazing meditative guiding presence, is truly an experience not to be missed!

Hayley OstridgeCertified Holistic NutritionistVancouver, BC CANADA

The healing hands, voice and other amazing offerings by Nancy Hopps are something I hope you get to experience in your lifetime. Whether it be through her Relax Into Healing CDs (in my case, the one for before, during and after Surgery), or at one of her crystal singing bowls events, or through massage and sound healing work at her beautiful Healing Sanctuary, you, like me, will be better for it. I have experienced all of the above and my body, mind and spirit have benefited in a way that I can only describe as ‘peaceful, soothing and ultimately very healing.

Storm KennedyEugene, Oregon


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