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These amazing people all hold special places in my heart. I am deeply grateful to have had the honor of working with each of them. I’m also grateful they were willing to share their experiences so candidly, with the intent of helping spread this work to others in need. Extraordinary souls, all…

I did a private crystal bowl sound healing session with Nancy and it was the most profound experience I’ve had in my life. Her gentle, flowing and intuitive approach helped me to relax and connect with the deepest parts of myself. I experienced spatial sound and felt the vibrational frequencies beyond our physical reality. Nancy is a multitalented healer and her capacity to embody fully sound healing is exceptional. Her feminine, loving, warmhearted personality is a gift to this world.

Lauri PoldreEstonia

I love your crystal singing bowls…they brought joy to the hardest time of my life… Very healing.

Sherrie Allison WarthenSpringfield, OR

Thank you so much for the session yesterday, Nancy.  I am noticing shifts in my consciousness and ability to face some of my fears….. I noticed that you take donations for your work. I really value your work and I would like to contribute. Should I send you a check? Or follow a link online? Love to you.

W.H.Eugene, OR

I invited Nancy to come to the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to speak about the healing power of sound, and demonstrate it through the use of her alchemical crystal healing bowls. Not only did she captivate everyone in the school, but those who attended her talk about the bowls, then stayed for her interactive concert, not only understood, but got to experience first-hand the profound effect these bowls had.

People were so affected that some even booked impromptu private sessions immediately after her presentation. The bowls, paired with Nancy’s amazing meditative guiding presence, is truly an experience not to be missed!

Hayley OstridgeCertified Holistic NutritionistVancouver, BC CANADA

The healing hands, voice and other amazing offerings by Nancy Hopps are something I hope you get to experience in your lifetime. Whether it be through her Relax Into Healing CDs (in my case, the one for before, during and after Surgery), or at one of her crystal singing bowls events, or through massage and sound healing work at her beautiful Healing Sanctuary, you, like me, will be better for it. I have experienced all of the above and my body, mind and spirit have benefited in a way that I can only describe as ‘peaceful, soothing and ultimately very healing.

Storm KennedyEugene, Oregon

Nancy is doing some incredibly powerful work with tonal vibrations elicited from a series of beauteous bowls which carried me to depths I had only experienced previously through sweat lodge ceremonies, of times spent with the rock elders. This is not work for anyone with preconceptions formed from other healing practices. As for the vocals that were present…some of the “rawness” that came out helped break down blocks and holds within me. Like claws strong enough to score stone. Those moments of raw discordant sound call to the shadow self, that it may be acknowledged as an aspect of Self. Yet, the singing of the bowls combined with the gentle breath and whisper of a bamboo nose flute carried me to a new level of Self that words cannot describe. It can only be felt, and only if judgment remains outside with your shoes.

Achilles MassahosEugene, OR

I was blessed with meeting Nancy in Kona on The Big Island in Hawaii in April of 2010 at a Cancer Retreat at Kokolulu Cancer Retreat Center, where she gifted us with her healing bowls and voice.

In August, after flying to Portland to get a second opinion about my cancer situation, I visited her at her Healing Sanctuary.  This beautiful place is only 15 minutes from downtown Eugene, yet I felt like I was in a wilderness area surround by beautiful trees and bushes. After a warm greeting from Nancy and Ken, Nancy and I went to the special room where she does most of her work.  It felt like a temple, a very holy place.

What I experienced during our session is very difficult for me to describe. It is an example of my favorite saying:

 “For heights and depths no word can reach, God, music and nature are the soul’s own speech”. 

Nancy and I talked briefly about my current situation regarding cancer and other matters. She gave me her FULL attention as I could see it in her eyes. She had already set up her exquisite crystal bowls which was a huge part of our session. Then I lay on her massage table, and the deep part of the session started.

Nancy began playing her crystal bowls which radiate different pitches or tones. This movement of sound and energy eventually evolves into beautiful harmony. Nancy begins talking with her very calming and soothing voice, which tended to move me to a higher level of emotion; some of these feelings I am sure are unconscious.

I imagined a cool, cloudy windy day. I wondered if this was a peaceful place to which my mind was taking me, when all of the sudden I was standing on a very calm pool of crystal blue water, most of the clouds disappeared as bright  yellowish orange rays of sun started warming my body. The wind stopped suddenly as I began to look around and observe….

[NOTE: James goes on at great length and in euphoric detail to describe his profound inner experience of meeting Jesus, which was in keeping with his own personal religious beliefs. His experience was not prompted by any specific verbal suggestion, but as a result of his opening to deep levels of Being within himself…..]

….All this time I could hear the harmony of Nancy’s crystal bowls.  Sometimes the movement of the sound energy was intense and at other times it was very quiet.  In any case, the sound always was beautiful!

I could also hear Nancy’s stunning and beautiful voice. At times her voice became deeper and louder, and very powerful, but still beautiful. I really do not know if she was playing the crystal bowls all the while or not.

I do know that she massaged my head in a very gentle manner, as well as my abdominal area and at one point, I assumed she was walking slowly around me. I sensed very fresh moving air….

…I finally started coming out of this experience which I later found out had lasted nearly two hours. I tried to explain to Nancy my experience, but knew I could not explain everything. She listened very intently. I commented that she had a very powerful glow and looked very content. She told me that I also had a glow and could see the power of my experience in my eyes. She encouraged me to write about it, which I’ve done!

I cannot say enough positive words about this wonderful experience. As I was leaving, I almost hopped into one of Nancy and Ken’s vehicles. Edison, my driver, was waiting three vehicles to the left. I turned to Nancy and Ken and chuckled, and just said “I am still in Heaven.”

For me, this experience will always be embedded in my heart and mind!

With Blessings and Love.

James E. FosseyLander, WY

Experiencing your crystal bowls was one of the most powerful, emotional, beautiful, (I could go on & on!) soul-pleasing moments of our lives.  We can’t thank you enough for sharing your precious gifts.

Valerie and Doug, San Diego, CA


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