While searching for a “tag line” for my website to help describe… well, me!… I came across the term “Innerpreneur.” It intrigued me, so I Googled it.  It can be defined thusly:

An innerpreneur is an entrepreneur who starts and builds a business primarily for creative and/or spiritual fulfillment, in order to make a positive difference in the world.

Innerpreneurs are driven first and foremost by this inner need, rather than by desire for financial gain. To be deeply involved in the creation and running of a business that is authentic, ethical and exciting is to be an Innerpreneur.


You, too, may be an “innerpreneur” if you share these defining traits of an entrepreneur:

  • you have a strong need for independence
  • you are a non-conformist
  • your motivation comes mainly from within
  • you love ambiguity
  • you have a propensity for risk-taking
  • you love finding new opportunities
  • you are a high achiever

and these further characteristics of an Innerpreneur:

  • you believe you should do what you are and what you love
  • you see the world in a different way than most
  • you’re not fond of labels – especially for you
  • you let your values and passion for exploration guide your life
  • you have an innate need to be creative and honest, to follow your own unique path
  • you are attracted to organizations that improve the world
  • you may alternate periods of career focus with periods of inner reflection and/or adventure
  • you’ve tried a lot of things in life, because that’s what excites you.
  • your “career path” hasn’t necessarily been textbook or straight and narrow.

…and the one that really “jumped off the page” for me:

  • You cringe when people ask you “What do you do?” because that’s never been able to be summed up in a neat and concise “elevator speech”.
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