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Combining her background in healing arts and performing arts, Nancy is a popular presenter and keynote speaker. She is known for creating a relaxed, dynamic atmosphere, while presenting information and experiences that are inspirational, pragmatic, healing… and fun!

Nancy enjoys tailoring her presentation to suit your needs, adapting the material for various ages, backgrounds, and size of groups, in educational, private, or corporate settings. Most of the topics below can be adapted to fit any situation, from a 10-minute “teaser” to a Keynote address.  These may help spark ideas…

Sample presentations topics include:

  • Sound Healing: Ancient Art and Emerging Science
  • Self-Renewal Saturday (or Sunday, or weekend, or….) Relax/Renew/Recharge!
  • Relax Into Healing: Cultivating Radiant Wellness of Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Embracing Change: Finding Center in the Midst of Uncertainty
  • Cancer (or Diabetes, or Grieving a Loss, or…): Embracing the Healing Journey
  • And the Greatest of These is Love: Powerful Inner Healing Methods for the BodyMindSpirit Continuum 
  • Beyond the Buzzwords: The Secret to Making the “Law of Attraction” Really Work for you!
  • If Not Now, When? Being Who You Really Are, and Doing What You’re Here to Do!
  • Spiritual Paradox… and Other Fun Left-Brain Conundrums
  • Stress-Reduction Tools For Lawyers (or Teachers or Bus Drivers or…)
  • I’m Too Busy to Relax!” Simple Ways to “Unwind” (when you know you need to, but you just plain can’t!)
  • Emotional Well-Being: The Choice Is Yours
  • Care For The Caregiver A Renew and Recharge Break So You Can Keep On Keeping On.
  • Point of Choice: Simple, Powerful Ways to Consciously Choose the Life You Really Want.
  • Your Divine “Through-Line”: Aligning Your Goals, Intentions and Inner Values
  • Who Do You Think You Are? Reconnecting With the Joyful Essence of Who You Really Are.
  • Lightning Bolts & Illuminations: Thinking Outside the Box for Optimal Health, Happiness and Fun!
  • All The World’s a Stage: Creating the Role You Want to Play!
  • Creative Play Day: A Deceptively Productive Endeavor, Guaranteed to Shake Loose the Dust of Over-Adulthood.

These are merely samples of possible offerings.  I really enjoy working with you to create exactly what your group needs.
See testimonials belowfrom a couple of past presentations I’ve done.  For more related testimonials, click here

IMG_0119-TALK- PainSociety-3CROP Nancy Hopps Talks IMG_0955_2-TALKS-w-BOWL-CU-LCC-ENHANCED


“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Nancy Hopps…I have direct knowledge of Nancy’s work, as she has worked with teachers and administrators in our district. Nancy has an unparalleled talent in helping people make a human investment in themselves and others. She helps a diverse audience understand that by managing stress and creating balance in life we can all achieve [desired] performance levels, but in a way that makes sense.


To that end, she is a motivator of people and has a rare talent of reading the needs of an audience. Nancy is an actor, humorist and orator, all with a bit of ham and fun. For these reasons and more, I strongly endorse the work that Nancy Hopps does for individuals and organizations.”

—Tim Carman, Ed.D.Superintendent, Greater Albany Public Schools

Nancy is quite simply one of the most warm, joyous, and infectiously enthusiastic presenters to have come through our doors!  She walks in her heart and shares her gifts, talent and knowledge as though she has but one moment left to bestow upon the universe as much love as possible.

—Cynthia Wilson, Spiritual Leader, Unity Church of Maui


To brainstorm what topic and/or content might work best for your group, please contact me

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