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Nancy is quite simply one of the most warm, joyous, and infectiously enthusiastic presenters to have come through our doors!  She walks in her heart and shares her gifts, talent and knowledge as though she has but one moment left to bestow upon the universe as much love as possible.

Cynthia WilsonSpiritual LeaderUnity Church of Maui

I want to thank you again for your contributions to the Oregon Psychological Association’s workshop, “Signs Along the Way: Identifying and Dealing With Clinical Nightmares” …As you know, we were addressing the most serious of situations for mental health practitioners, and it was the interspersion of your talents throughout the day that made the day more than just palatable, but actually enjoyable. Participants left on a very positive note thanks to you. I have received dozens of compliments directly relating to your presentations and performances.  I applaud your versatility in being so adaptive in meeting our goals for the workshop. I found your presentations inspirational. You were captivating. I am impressed with your ability to capture what we were dreaming of and bring it to life. Thank-you again.

Edward B. Versteeg, Psy.D.Chair, Psychologist Support Committee Oregon Psychological Association

Nancy Hopps is a wise, eloquent, and engaging speaker and teacher. The participants(post-menopausal women w/ Type 2 diabetes) in our MLP 2-yr grant research project, have responded wonderfully to Nancy’s yoga and stretching routines, her guided imagery and relaxation techniques, and her warm, caring approach.  I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to focus on stress-management, meditation, healing, and personal transformation.  I am continually reminded, as I experience Nancy’s work, that life is a journey that can be lived to the fullest as we learn to integrate our bodies, minds, and souls.

Deborah J. Toobert, Ph.D.Research ScientistOregon Research Institute

At our invitation, Nancy has led a number of workshops at our store. Nancy’s presentations have been resounding successes,. She has a terrific knack for putting people at ease and getting them involved in the easy, enjoyable exercises she leads. Nancy has great expertise, and expresses it in a user-friendly, down-to-earth style that feels welcoming to people from all walks of life. Her warmth and sense of humor add to the value of the information she imparts.

Laura PhilipsPeralandra BooksEugene, OR

Thank-you very much for participating in our “Caring and Coping” conference… Your workshop, “I’m Too Busy to Relax!” was very well-received. The evaluations were very positive and complimentary. I look forward to working with you again.

Cynthia McDanielConference Coordinator McDaniel and Associates

I’ve attended a number of seminars, and I’d say yours is one of the best, as far as coming away with really useful tools…I still use your CD frequently as a way to relax mentally as well as physically – to stop the barrage of thoughts that always crowd in when I stop long enough to try and relax. I would highly recommend your seminar to anyone. It was well worth the investment of time and money.

Ron BushAttorneyLong Beach, CA

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Nancy Hopps…I have direct knowledge of Nancy’s work, as she has worked with teachers and administrators in our district. Nancy has an unparalleled talent in helping people make a human investment in themselves and others. She helps a diverse audience understand that by managing stress and creating balance in life we can all achieve [desired] performance levels, but in a way that makes sense. To that end, she is a motivator of people and has a rare talent of reading the needs of an audience. Nancy is an actor, humorist and orator, all with a bit of ham and fun. For these reasons and more, I strongly endorse the work that Nancy Hopps does for individuals and organizations.

Tim Carman, Ed.D.SuperintendentGreater Albany Public Schools

… at the Society of Technical Communicators meeting …the night’s topic was Stress Management for Stressed-Out Professionals…The speaker, Nancy Hopps, is a seasoned professional, having spent the last twenty years developing her techniques and guiding thousands of students, clients and workshop participants. Her presentation was simple, yet quite effective.

Erica CocoSociety for Technical Communication

It was a pleasure to have you in our store. The customers (and staff!) really enjoyed your discussion… I look forward to working with you in the future.

Jody OrrBarnes & NoblePortland, OR

Although, as a health educator, I’ve been familiar with relaxation techniques, you added some refinements to my skills – particularly in the way you incorporate imagery. You impress me as having mastery of the material.

John HealyHealth Ed. Dept.Linn Benton Community College

Your course has indeed changed my life in so many positive ways….I now sleep more peacefully and awaken more refreshed, and need less sleep! And no longer have insomnia! I’m especially pleased with how well I can relax, and amazed at how easy it is now…Because I can now slip down to a deeper level of consciousness, my affirmations are much more effective!….Thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU!

T.H.TeacherEugene, OR

It was a special privilege to be in your workshop. I gained a great amount of peace and strength from the encounter. Really, I feel that is why I am now free to go and do a whole new adventure…starting a whole new chapter in my life. Thanks, Nancy,  for the work you are doing. My life is richer for having known you.

R.E.Seattle, WA

I appreciated the way you presented information – very clearly, organized, and not in ‘professional jargon’, but rather in a way that promoted understanding.

J.P.Eugene, OR

Your personal presentation is terrific – warm, confident and full of grace. You are wonderfully accepting and affirming of everyone. Being around you was the best part of the class! Thanks for being you.

J.N.Brownsville, OR

I knew I was capable of ‘going inside’ of me (I have at times), but I never really knew how. You gave me the “how-to”…it reinforced the Self that we all have and somehow forget about through our daily lives. Thank-you, Nancy.

L.D.Portland, OR

I’ve even successfully used [the relaxation techniques we learned] in some nitty-gritty stressed-out situations – to me, that’s the acid test.

P.W.Eugene, OR

It’s not often that we women let go of all commitments and planning and just play for the day. But that’s exactly what this group of about 16 women did. What fun we had! Using a variety of tools, Nancy guided us through various exercises which stimulated different parts of our bodies and brains – meditation, drawing, movement, games… She was a superb facilitator. I have fond memories of that day, including delicious chili!  We are lucky to have such a talented person in our community.

Lana LindstromEugene, OR

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